Aura-Soma, Spiritual Healing, Reiki - Welcome to Rainbow

Looking for guidance? Looking all around but finding little to answer your questions? Perhaps that’s because you’re looking in the wrong place, at some external source, instead of looking within. The Aura-Soma® system is a key to help you unlock your inner guidance, identify and maximise your strengths and explore your potential.

It is a rainbow of colours that enable you to reflect on aspects of your personality, the gifts you have, what’s happening here and now and what outcomes may emerge along the pathway you choose to travel. An Aura-Soma consultation is non-intrusive, self selective and supportive, suitable for young and older people alike. During this time you have taken for yourself to stop and reflect on not only ‘how you are’ but ‘who you are’ I will ask you to choose, from over 100 brightly coloured bottles, the 4 you are drawn to most at this time.

This is a brief introduction which can’t really convey the beauty of the bottles, containing organic plant, minerals and crystals, or the amazing scent of the essential oils. When you have your first consultation, and take home your first bottle(s) to work with, applied to the skin or through your aura, you will discover how much more this system can offer. ‘You are the colours you choose’. Come and discover what your colour preferences reflect about you.