About Rainbow Reflections & Linda Fennessey

Linda Fennessey is an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant and Teacher currently living and working in the West of Scotland. She has also studied the Usui Reiki system to Master level and is a full healer member of The Healing Trust, formerly known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)

The name Rainbow Reflections came naturally from the beautiful rainbow of jewel colours of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and the fact that the selection of 4 of those bottles reflects the positive aspects of the person who has chosen them. Until recently, as well as being a therapist, Linda worked in the public sector and understands the difficulties and stresses working life can bring as well as the need for complete confidentiality in all consultations.

She has, in the past, also been a carer for her mother, who had MS, and then for her father. Having felt the benefit of Healing during this period Linda then went on to train as a Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki system and as a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers to enable her to facilitate healing for others.

Linda’s amazement that her 4 colour bottle selection reflected so much of who she was and what was going on in her life, during her first Aura-Soma consultations as a client, led to her undertaking her own study of the Aura-Soma system at the Academy in Lincolnshire. It sign posted her in the direction she has chosen to follow and she is delighted to now be able to offer Aura-Soma consultations for others benefit.

Life’s many varied experiences allow Linda to empathise with her clients whilst remaining non-judgemental.

History and future of AURA-SOMA®


‘The story of how Aura-Soma came into being, for me, is fascinating. The system was developed in 1984 by an amazing woman by the name of Vicky Wall. Why was she amazing? Well apart from being one of life’s ‘character’s’ she was also diabetic and already registered blind when she made the first of these beautiful coloured bottles.’ ...read more about Aura-Soma

Linda is currently working in the Cosmic Soul Centre in Gateside Street, Largs. For details of how to book a consultation please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Linda Fennessey

Aura-Soma Courses

Aura Soma BottleLinda is the only practicing Aura-Soma teacher in Scotland. She will soon be holding Aura-Soma introductory days, fun workshops and the Aura-Soma Level 1 Foundation course.


There are no pre-requisites for these courses. Further details will be posted on this page soon. If you would like to register you interest now in future events please email me at enquiries@rainbowreflections.org.uk