What happens during an Aura-Soma Consultation?

I have a display of all of the Aura Soma Equilibrium bottles; you may think they are simply coloured water but they are far from just that.

You will be asked to choose four of them that you are drawn to most; then, we sit down together and discuss what your choices mean and how they relate to you and your life today.

The colours in your chosen bottles will be able to tell me about your life's path, what gifts and talents you have and how you can perhaps utilize these to try to transform difficult situations in your life and move forward.

It's a lovely way to spend at least an hour, devoting time to yourself and you will also have the opportunity to try some of the pomanders and quintessences for yourself.

Ah, but what are the Pomanders and Quintessences?


The Pomanders: there are 15 bottles containing 49 different herbs, minerals and crystals in an alcohol base. They are deliciously scented and when passed through the aura are said to ‘smooth’ what goes out into the world first each day before your physical body; your energy field. Three drops on the palm of your left hand before rubbing the palms together and passing through the aura are all that’s needed. They are 25ml bottles so they do tend to last for a while.


The Quintessences: there are also 15 bottles but they have a blend of plant, mineral, crystal and colour energies in an alcohol base. These are also beautifully scented, although different from the Pomanders. Each has a different name and are said to help each person discover within themselves the positive properties associated with each. Three drops on the wrist and pass through the aura. They are also 25ml bottles and last for quite some time.

What's in the Equilibrium bottles?


All Aura-Soma products are made in the beautiful village of Tetford, England, still in the same location that Vicky Wall chose to take forward her beautiful sparkling gems of colour into the world.

The Aura Soma Equilibrium bottles contain half oil, half water. The carrier oil that sits in the top of the bottle is the 10th press of organic olive oil from Italy. The bottles also contain organic essential oils from around the world and organic herbs, many of these flowers and herbs are grown at the Aura-Soma biodynamic farm in Tetford in England. Their farm is the second largest biodynamic farm in the UK. Those that are not grown by Aura-Soma are purchased from other highly energized organic farms. Along with the herbs and essential oils the bottles contain liquid crystal tinctures made especially for Aura Soma in Switzerland.

So, the turquoise bottles contain real turquoise, the purple contains amethyst, the pale pink will contain rose quartz etc. As you can imagine with all those herbs and essential oils they smell wonderful, each one individual.

It is thought that the herbal, oil and crystal energies, absorbed by our skin, start to act on our physical body, and on all other levels of our subtle anatomy. Many who have chosen to purchase one of (or some of) the bottles to work with have reported that they felt that they had helped deal with very specific situations within their lives to bring about resolution and change.