History and future of AURA-SOMA®

In 1983 the name AURA-SOMA® and the vision of its creation, was bestowed upon Vicky Wall. In a series of re-occurring meditative visions - Vicky was given the same message repeatedly - she was told to "go and divide the waters".

Vicky, a practicing chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist was 66 years of age and clinically blind. She had no idea what she was doing when she found herself in her small laboratory cum garage, formulating a mixture comprising different layers and colours of the most natural ingredients she could find.

This marked the birth of 'Equilibrium' . Vicky later reported - "that other hands had guided her own" - she could see neither the beautiful jewels she had spontaneously and inspirationally created nor their possible intended purpose. Even more bewildering to her was the resonant power she felt emanating from them, as they radiated in the sunlight of the following morning - clearly revealing two distinctly separate and different layers.

Vicky took these bottles to holistic fairs where she used them to hold up the glass shelves that displayed the various herbal creams and lotions she still made and sold with friends. She found people were drawn the dual coloured bottles. Being physically blind, Vicky Wall's inner sight was still strong and awake, she saw that people where coming to her with the same energy pattern or "aura-colour" as the bottles they were requesting to hold and take away. At first, she did not know what to say to people when they felt the urge to take home and apply the oils on their bodies but she let them take them requesting that they give her feedback on their effect.

The reports amazed her; many people felt they had a positive effect on their well being. Very soon after the "birth" of her bottles she realised she needed help to find out more about these bottles, and so she invited scientists and experts of colour into her process. Over time, thousands of Vickys' clients were attracted to the 'Equilibrium' Bottles and this allowed her to build a body of solidly researched knowledge.

Why did people choose certain bottles? What affect did the bottle/s have on their life after continued exposure to them?

What were the individuals "life dynamics" before and after continued exposure to or use of the contents of certain bottles?

Over a period of a few short years, this analytical approach verified the answers to all these questions and more. With absolute certainty Vicky was able to confirm the premise that "Colour speaks a language of Its own ". Eventually the Education System of Aura-Soma was created; the Academy of Colour Therapeutics (ASIACT) which is based in Tetford, England where the bottles are still made. It is also where Aura Soma now has, nearby, the second largest biodynamic farm in Britain.

Mike and Claudia Booth met Vicky in 1984 and from that date Mike remained with her, as her constant companion and confidant. They travelled and taught together until her death in 1991. Since that time Mike and Claudia have been responsible for the development of the wonderful AURA-SOMA® system which attracts a growing global following with consultations now available in 84 countries around the world.