Spiritual Healing

The word Spiritual originates from the Latin 'spiritus' meaning 'breath of life' Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as 'love and light' which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound.

Spiritual Healing is not Faith Healing. The term 'Faith Healing' implies that the recipient needs to believe in a deity and that that deity is the source of healing. Spiritual Healing is not linked to a particular religion. Faith by the patient is not required and healing can help people regardless of their religious beliefs.

Healing energy is all around us. In essence it is 'universal' - part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good. Healers learn to use their ability to tap into this natural energy and pass it on.

Depending upon their individual beliefs some healers and recipients see the energy as divine; others see it as pure universal energy. It is often visualised as simply 'love and light'. Linda is a full Healer Member of the Healing Trust, the working name of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the largest spiritual Healer membership organisation in the UK.

Members of the public have opportunities to receive healing from centres such as this one, through the Healing Trust referral service, or through NHS support services.

For more information about the recent hospital audit of patients, the National Standards of training and the Code of Conduct you may wish to refer to: http://www.nfsh.org.uk/ for more information than the length of this page allows me to provide.